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My name is Richard Alexander. I was born in the Netherlands in 1969. I graduated with credits as Civil Engineer. I worked for 1 year on the development of the ‘Swan’ bridge in Rotterdam. Then I started working as a software engineer. After that I founded and managed an IT company for 5 years. In 1999 I turned 30. This is what I would like to say about turning 30 and how the start of a new millennium impacted my life.

2CV“In 1999 I turned 30 years old. I was enthusiastic. I had my own business, my own home, a lease car, a girlfriend, a supportive family, good friends and most important a big television. Flat screens were not yet there, smile. Despite all these nice “outer things” in my life, I was missing some meaning. Though daily I spent time with people, I still felt separated and alone. I mostly experienced a very superficial quality of life. I kept wondering: “Is this all there is to life?” Deep inside I knew there must be more.

A new start

The year 2000 came. The start of a new millennium. Whenever I would watch the news or read the newspaper, it used to give me a lot of thoughts and feelings. I thought: “Why do we treat each other so bad in this world? There must be some other way we can relate to each other.” I felt dissatisfied. Then I thought: ‘What can I do about this?” This gave me many other thoughts like: “Who are you? Do you think you are someone who can create a better world? You are not Nelson Mandela! You are not Gandhi! You cannot do so! You are not good enough!” All these thoughts led again to more feelings. Feelings of fear and feeling small and inadequate.

The year 2000 approached its end. I discovered a small voice deep inside of me, which kept on saying, “What if? . . . . What if you could play a role in bringing peace, love and harmony to the world. Would that be a life worth living?”

At the ending of the year 2000, the voice had become too loud to ignore. Slowly I started sharing my ideas with my friends and family.

My foundation for a new world was based on my experience that when people feel connected to each other, they treat each other well. This always leads to an increase in workability. I saw technology in the form of global interactive events as a possible structure to realize that connection. People seeing and hearing each other, while talking about our shared humanity, should be able to connect peoples hearts. December 2000 I made, what turned out to be, the best decision ever. I decided to pursue my dream. I closed down my It company and put my house up for sale.

A vision is bornTruckIn 2001 I started writing down a vision of how this future could unfold. I was writing for months and months in a row. In my experience this future started arising. Suddenly I realized that actually this project is not about changing the world. It is about giving people new experiences. Experiences they never ever had before. Like I was having, while writing. New experiences in the domain of love, unity, joy and fully expressing myself. When these experiences are present I am sure that people will think, communicate and act in new ways. I believe that this can lead to a world which works for everyone. The vision had now become more clear and forced all of my fears and insecurities to the background. Element 1 of the Sustainable World Project was born.

In July 2001 I sold my house and most belongings. I returned my car to the dealer. Like a proper western materialist, I could not yet let go of my big television! It went to my parents. I bought a one way ticket around the world. A multi decade long adventure began.

August 2001. The start of 15 months of travelling. My first objective was to share my vision with the world. I wanted to know whether my vision was something that other people also wanted, or that my vision was the evidence for my insanity! Smile.

I shared the vision in seminars, I spoke to the corporate world and I would trouble people on the sidewalk. After sharing the vision with more than a 100.000 people from over a 150 different countries it all became clear. Every human being, regardless of country, culture or other different backgrounds, shares the same desire for love, unity and the desire to belong. We want to experience that our lives matter. We want to experience that we matter. I feel deeply blessed having connected with these people. The look in their eyes and their feedback, told me that this project, which is about connecting peoples hearts, is something we all long for so much. This is what the project is about. Connecting peoples hearts as an access to solving local, regional, national and global issues.

Love at Large!

Building relationshipsThe feedback from people was not only telling me that they shared the same desire, but also they thought the vision implemented as a global project could actually achieve a new quality of life worldwide. Getting this positive and encouraging feedback gave me the confidence to take it to the next level.

In all my interactions with the people I had met, I now understood as an experience that every issue disappears in a moment of being profoundly related. In other words: ‘Every issue disappears when love is present as an experience’. This experience was a human experience. It was not related to the different backgrounds we had.

What I already had experienced as an individual in my writing in early 2001 was now confirmed by a global community. The vision I had, went from a concept based on my personal experience to a vision deeply desired by the community at large. For the business minded people who are reading this I would like to address that this is a global market with a lot of potential. The product is ‘the Experience of Unity’. Smile. I truly believe it is the highest what people want in life.

Holding Shabana's handIn 2002 after visiting the US, New Zealand and Australia I came to India. With every country I had visited a global network of supporting people was growing. In India I met Yasmeen Iqbal, for the first time. Yasmeen is the founder of Ahaan Foundation. Ahaan sponsors the education of under-privileged children.

Yasmeen took me to a slum where I met the 8-year-old Shabana. Shabana grabbed my hand and today, more than a decade later, I am still holding her hand. In this connection I have experienced the deep longing for love and security we all share. I realized a new environment was needed for the many young people in our world. I vowed to use my life to bring quality of life for ALL children worldwide. Now element 2 was added to the Sustainable World Project. The start of OneWorld Education.

In 2003 after a small hickup at the start, haha, where the very first parent falsely accused me of child abuse, got me picked up by the police and actually jailed for some days, it all started. I did an interview on innovative education. The interview was broadcasted on national television and this launched our two year pilot project in the Netherlands. We started the first innovative, interactive Community Awareness Center with 20 children between 4 to 18 years old. Through the internet, using visual communication technology, the children in Holland were connected with children in India to bring awareness and opportunities to both sides. After this successful pilot project we are now preparing the launch of these Centers on a worldwide scale. Read more about these Community Awareness Centers in our Game Plan.

Playing the Game

In 2005 I started the money game. A lot of money was required to launch the Sustainable Wolrd Project. The next 7 years we spent time on developing an innovative funding system to bring value to all parties involved and the world. We wanted a sustainable system that brings quality of life for our clients and all the disadvantaged children in our world. (ourselves included, smile!)

After making and then losing half a million Euro in trading I was broke for 5 years. Through the stress I ended up ‘enjoying’ chronic acidity and fatigue by 2012. By practicing dialogue and healing in interactive events I was able to come out of this in 2013. The unprecedented experiences of love and peace of mind in our healing sessions were so powerful that we have decided to also include this healing in all the elements of the Sustainable World Project. Take a look at the photo on the next page and read more about our healing work on the: Healing Page.

After a lot of learning we finally started our initiative Rays Value Innovations. This initiative will provide the funding for the Sustainable World Project. This funding system has become element 3. More information in our Rays Value Innovation Brochure.

Writing the Book

For more than a decade I have collected material to write a book to bring value to the readers by sharing all the adventures in my life. This book has become workbook 1. It is ready and has been published in August 2013. The workbook has become element 4 in the Sustainable World Project. Read more about how to obtain this interactive workbook by clicking on this link: Workbook ‘Get a Life You Love => Get a World You Love’

Next step is the development of an interactive motion picture which in the making will include and connect people worldwide and in the release will create the next spark for a global transformation towards a world which works for everyone. More information about this can be found in the Game Plan. This interactive movie has become element 5 in the Sustainable World Project.

Connecting hearts




Together with worldwide friends we spent more than 1 million euro and initiated the groundwork in the last 14 years. After more than a decade of pilot projects, observation and reflection our Game Plan has matured to what it is today. The latest version can be downloaded via this link. The Game Plan.

Nourished by millions of people desiring a world which works for everyone, the Sustainable World Project has come to life. We are in the final stage of attracting our funds. This will give green light for the Sustainable World Project in 2014. Currently we are choosing our partners and building a worldwide team.”

Last Words

Having lived in different countries and having traveled all over the world I connected with people from almost all countries. I have experienced, that we all share the same humanity and ALL problems can be overcome by connecting peoples hearts.

Having been exposed to being falsely accused and jailed, abused, threatened to be killed, broke, homeless, jobless, chronically sick, depressed and being suicidal I can speak from a deep experience that there is a power that can heal ALL and solve ALL. This power is unconditional love and it can be awakened in the guided dialogues and healing sessions of the Sustainable World Project .

“How do you tell someone that you believe in your heart and soul you have a solution for ALL the problems the world is facing? How do you express yourself so you are taken seriously? “

“My name is Richard Alexander. In 2001 I sold my house to pursue a dream. A dream to make a difference in the world. As of today not only the pursuit is still on, we are closer than ever before, to bringing a new quality of life for millions of people.

Is this the right life to live? I do not know. Is it a perfect life to live? Definitely not, smile! However, I do believe it is a life worth living.


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