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      Global tourism has changed dramatically and people no longer just want to travel as observers like visitors to a zoo. More and more tourists prefer to become involved in the communities they visit. This should be used as new tourism approach – the way people go cherry picking for fun – people love to learn new things for fun too. We need to provide an environment for tourists to get involved in a multitude of hands-on activities – like milking cows or making cheese, or ploughing the land, planting seedlings, creating ceramics and pottery and art, designing fabrics, making shoes, feeding the aged and orphans, building new eco-friendly homes, etc, etc. Build beautifully attractive accommodation for tourists and make it available at a low cost to attract active tourists to your town. People that will love the participation in the various activities while they help to create more abundance for your community. When people do what they are passionate about, they radiate very positive energy. These are simple scientific facts. This invisible positive energy generated by each happy and fulfilled individual feeds others around them with positive energy. It is infectious and exponential. It can be felt when you walk into a room of happy people, doing what they love to do. This is all connected to those laws of nature which I covered earlier. Whether it is cooking, farming, engineering, washing, making shoes, creating art, or even solving the sewage problems. It is this positive energy that fills the hearts of the people in their UBUNTU communities and infects everyone around them.


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