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      We cannot go from zero to hero in one step – as much as most of us would probably like to. There will be a number of transitional steps to move us from where we are today to full UBUNTU Contributionism, unless something dramatic happens. We may have to create interim alternative currencies of what some call “lawful money” or “asset backed money”, or simple credit/point creation in a responsible way, compared to what the banksters have been doing, and so on. We will have to be as creative as possible to provide a platform for a smooth transition – avoiding the creation of more problems and situations that can be exploited to the detriment of the people. We have to put those days behind us. Linking money to gold or some other valuable commodity for a short period is probably not a good option. It only perpetuates the problems of the past and opens it up to potential exploitation by those who still want to hold on to control over others. The one critical thing that needs to happen in every country, is the closing of the unlawful privately owned central banks and replacing them with a PEOPLE’S BANK – that creates money for the people, by the people – interest free and tax free. This is what Abraham Lincoln and JFK did before they were assassinated. So do not take this lightly. The banksters will go to any extremes to prevent this. It will cut the bankers off at the knees and remove all their financial control over the affairs of any country. The obligation of the new PEOPLE’S BANK will be to make money available for the people as and when it is necessary in all areas of the economy, to stabilise the financial sector and remove all the financial hardships from the people.


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