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      Using specialists and experts for the benefit of our communities.

       • Processing the sewage into fertiliser will generate income for the community and allow us to fertilise our own lands.

       • Using the sewage plant to generate gas – use for cooking and more.

       • Making compost from cow dung and all other organic material.

       • Plant seedlings of all kinds for own use and external sales.

       • Utilising fast growing invasive species of trees like wattle for manufacturing wooden items.

       • Use discarded wood from forestry activity and other wood for mulch/wood chips.

       • The various working farms will be promoted as tourist attractions to city children to learn about life and mother Earth.

       • Set up community manufacturing of all kinds of products needed by the community. These can also be sold to outsiders as income in the early stages of transition.

       • A regular or permanent farmers’ market to attract people from the entire region and passers-by to the town. All the goods manufactured and produced in town can be sold for the benefit of the community. This will include: Fruit, vegetables, seedlings, plants, herbs, meat, fish, butter, milk, cheese, bread, wooden products, bottled preserves, jams, art, fabrics, etc.

       • Setting up effective literacy classes for children and adults with available teaching tools by members of the community.

       • Create day-care and learning centres where children from an early age begin to explore, while learning the important things in life as opposed to the current system of indoctrination.

       • An alternative education system must be initiated immediately to allow our children to grow up with open minds – open to all possibility. To learn meaningful skills for life and be allowed to express their natural talents. There are many great teachers who have already left the current schooling system, frustrated by its shortcomings, desperately looking for new alternatives. I cover education extensively in the Education chapter.

       • Upgrade and restructure the roads and parks and schools and sports grounds for the benefit of all the people.

       • Plant trees, including fruit and nut, along all the roads, schools and parks.

       • Create and plant food forests in public areas, parks and other places.

       • Build a small smokeless factory for converting used tyres into charcoal and generating energy from the heat. This is also a huge solution for the pollution aspect of used tyres. This technology exists among many other technologies not used by the current councils.

       • A well planned recreational area for promotion of arts and culture. This should include a well stocked art studio for painters, sculptors and more.

       • A music school with as many instruments as possible – giving the students the platform to do regular performances for the community.

       • Allow artists to create works of art that are displayed along the streets to beautify the towns.

       • Art gallery to display all kinds of art and crafts and other handmade goods by community members.

       • Clothing factory where tailors inspire each other, where material is also dyed into beautiful fabrics.

       • Shoe factory – using leather and tyres for new innovative strong, practical and lasting shoes.

       • Turn the town into a haven for tourists to marvel at the industrious and artistic nature of the people.

       • Where possible utilise the river/water front as major attraction.

       • Promote fishing activities and competitions.

       • Promote all the activities and attractions in the town with a well planned and ongoing PR campaign – as an example of UBUNTU Contributionism.

       • Turn your town into the most beautiful town in your country that attracts people from all over the world.

       • The people and the Council of Elders will come up with countless more ideas to benefit the town and its people. NOTICE: These points should only be seen as ideas and not a list of absolute instructions.

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