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    What happens if people get itchy feet and want to travel or move to another town up in the mountains or closer to the sea, or closer to a family member or some other place that has suddenly caught their attention? This is one of the regular questions asked by people trying to process the UBUNTU philosophy, simply because those who are new to the idea of Contributionism still think about the money, and how they will get things without money, and how they will be able to travel. Keep in mind that everyone can choose to live in any community – OR families can choose to live on their own in a remote area. All modes of transport are available to everyone all the time and travelling anywhere is free. There will be many modes of transport that are difficult to predict. People can choose to relocate to another town any time. Because of the different social structure and the closely integrated community, people will notify their fellow workers of their intention to move, just in case there may be a replacement required for that specific skill in the community. But because of the completely different structure of UBUNTU communities, it is highly unlikely that there will not be someone who can perform such a function. There will most likely be a whole host of highly skilled people only too eager to perform the task in question. Let me also remind you that in UBUNTU communities everyone knows everyone else, they know their skills, what they do, where they do it, where they live, how to get in contact with everyone, how to get anything you need, how to get things fixed or built or designed and so on. These are fully integrated communities where everything and everyone is taken care of. So when someone chooses to leave an UBUNTU community, it will probably be a major event and result in a festive occasion in the form of a farewell party. Let me take you through a sequence of events that will most likely transpire when moving to a new town. This will also outline some finer details of the structure of our new communities and how effortlessly they function. I arrive in a new town with the intention to settle there, whatever my reasons may be. I go to the visitors building to announce myself. This is most likely attached to the community centre where all other community activity is planned and where the Council of Elders sits. All new settlers or visitor to the town are required to announce their arrival the way we do when entering a nature reserve. Michael: “Hello my name is Michael and I am here to settle in your lovely community.” John: “Welcome Michael, my name is John, I am one of the community skills coordinators, so nice to have you here. Please write your name in our community book. What is your labour of love (LOL) Michael?” Michael: “I am a sculptor… I make ceramic pottery sculptures.” John: “That sounds amazing… you will make a great new contribution to the arts and culture of our town. But at present we don’t have a need for another sculptor – what other skills do you have, Michael?” Michael, after thinking for a while… “I love growing seedlings or planting trees.” John: “That is fantastic because we have a very active program of growing seedlings which involves the small children as part of their learning process. Our seedlings are used by six of the neighbouring towns for the farming and forestry projects. They will be very happy with your contribution.” John turns to the community projects page… Now… what community projects would you like to participate in as you weekly 3-hour contribution, Michael? ” Michael: “I love chemistry… is there anything that I can get involved in where I can learn more about chemistry?” John: “Yes, our water and sewage recycling team is doing amazing work with chemistry, making new discoveries all the time.” John enters my skills and talents into the community contact book. This is also done on a sophisticated computer, with open source software of the highest level technology possible, which immediately identifies where my skills or talents may be required. I have agreed to contribute three hours per day, five days a week, to growing seedlings, and three hours per week in a community service while learning about chemistry at the recycling plant. After my LOL for 3 hours every day, I still have 18 hours of the day left to do my sculpture work at the best equipped sculpture studio imaginable – where all the materials are provided for me as a contributing member of the community. John: “Where do you prefer to live Michael, in the valley, by the river or up on the mountain?” Michael: “I prefer the mountain.” John scans the computer for homes on the mountain. “It seems that there are no vacant homes on the mountain at the moment, but there are several lovely homes by the river. I will give you the map so that you can go choose the one you prefer, while we start planning your new home. Here is the community contact list with the names and skills of everyone. I will contact the town planners and architects so that they can start planning your home on the mountain with your input.” I take a ride on the free public transport to view the homes by the river and choose the one I like most. Notice that I was not given a key, as keys and locking things is unimaginable in UBUNTU communities. I love the interiors of the house but I am not mad about the dining table. I scan through the contact booklet to see where the furniture makers are and take a ride to the furniture warehouse to choose a new table. I meet the carpenter who arranges to deliver the table I have chosen and uplifts the old one – so that it can be used by someone else or remodelled into a new piece. I have the rest of the day off. That evening I am introduced to a large crowd that gathers to meet the newcomer. This happens in the town square or some other communal gathering place where such events take place. People are free to ask me questions about my talents and get to know me in the process. This is accompanied by festivities, dancing and music and food for everyone. The next day, I have the day off, to move around town and meet as many people as I can and become familiar with their skills and talents. I meet the people with whom I will be ‘LOLing’ with (labour of love-ing) in the seedlings project and learn about the process. The following morning I start my LOL contribution for the community. I choose to LOL from 7 to 10 a.m. because I am an early riser. By 10 a.m. I stroll over to the park where the community art centre is located and establish a workspace for my ceramic sculpting. I order all the materials I need from the master teacher who oversees the activity at the sculpture centre. Over the next six months my passion for seedlings reaches new heights while I continue to create a wide variety of sculptures. The master teacher is so impressed that she asks me to teach some classes in the afternoons to the 12-year old children as part of their education. In the meantime my sculptures have become highly desirable by people in the community and I cannot keep up with the people’s demand for my new works of art. So much so, that after six months several members of the community approach the Council of Elders with a request that I be appointed as a sculptor for the town. This is supported by one third of the people – which is in line with the minority rule principle and the sacred geometry ratio of 1/3 or 11/33, that is used to follow the laws of nature. The Council calls me in and suggest this request from the community to me. Everyone is very excited about me having more time to create my breathtaking sculptures. I accept the appointment graciously and the next day I take may place as the respected appointed sculptor for the community. My sculptures align the streets and parks and are the pride of my community. In the process of sculpting I am also appointed as master sculptor by the existing master sculptor. This affords me the opportunity to teach children as part of the education process – where they will sit in on my sessions and learn from me as I work. OR I decline the proposed appointment as town sculptor because in the past six months I have developed a deeper passion for seedlings and forestry and I want to become more active in that area. OR When I present myself on arrival in my new town they instantly recognise my skills as being superior to anything available in the community. I am offered a home of my choice and the following day the Council of Elders decide, upon the advice of other masters and teachers, to offer me the position of master teacher in the area of my expertise – because there is no one with this ability. But like everyone else, I have to choose a community service, towards which I contribute 3 hours per week. If I am confused and cannot choose – I will be temporarily allocated to one of the projects that are in need of more people, until I make up my mind. The community projects work on a rotation basis every few weeks, so that the people don’t get bored but rather keep experiencing a wide variety of activities. This is a basic example of how simply anything can be accomplished when money does not stand in the way. This example will apply to every aspect of our community – all the different talents and skills imaginable. It is a self correcting system that will present a solution for every challenge.



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