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      People take holidays and vacations because they have been working like slaves for a whole year and they need to recharge their batteries before they come back and do it all over again. Holidays are not human rights, they are privileges granted to citizens by our employers and the corporations we devote our lives to. A large percentage of the world’s population don’t have official employment, or the kind of work they do, does not even afford them a vacation. While people in official employment get on average between 2-4 weeks off work per annum. This is a big deal and some people plan their holidays years in advance to make the most of it. It is truly a sad situation. In UBUNTU communities where people live where they choose; do what they love; have access to everything they need; have access to art, culture, sport and any hobbies they may have; enjoy their life to the fullest without any stress or worries about anything, people will not think about ‘holidays’ or ‘vacations’ the way we do today. Annual vacations will probably not be part of our thought process at all. Nor will holidays or long weekends or time off work and other such luxuries that are extended to us by our superiors in a hierarchical society. We will be in complete control of our own time and destiny. We can move around as we please within the guidelines of UBUNTU structures. Transport is freely available to everyone and people can travel anywhere, anytime. Upon arrival they will announce themselves at the community centre, state their reason for arrival – vacation – and choose a LOL or community project to contribute to as is the norm under the Contributionism model. In return for contributing their 3 hours daily, five days per week, they will have access to all the facilities in the community, sports, arts, culture, and all the food they can eat. This will allow the people on their so-called vacation to sit on the beach for 18 hours a day if they wanted. This model applies to travellers or holiday makers or anyone else. It is simple and cannot be corrupted because there is no money to corrupt any part of it. Even those who are born travellers will be catered for. Travellers, even though they only stay for a short term, are considered honoured guests of any community. Travellers contribute stories, news, and a wide perspective on life, the world and the universe, that will be new and intriguing to the people in the community. Often, they bring gifts and talents from faraway places that ignite the desire within others to explore and learn and grow. And since everything is free, the gifts they bring are always breathtaking. And so they will have to be, because in a free society where everyone has everything they need, your gifts will have to be truly unique.


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