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    The ultimate goal is to convert the whole country into a Contributionist UBUNTU society that functions without money, excels in arts, culture, science and technology, allowing the people to live where they choose, do what they are passionate about and succeed in abundance on all levels of their lives. There will be a vibrant exchange of food, goods, products and services between communities – supplying those towns that cannot produce certain items on their own. But what happens once our country is a fully Contributionist UBUNTU community? How will we interact with other countries? This is where it gets really interesting as we realise that Contributionism is a true utopian seed of unstoppable growth towards abundance across the whole planet. To explain this will require that we stretch our imagination and allow ourselves to be projected into the new system – fully developed into every sector of our society – fully implemented and fully functional. Do not try to trip yourself up while going through this exercise and do not try to imagine possible stumbling blocks or insurmountable hurdles – just go with the flow and imagine what may still seem to be impossible to some.


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