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      Keep in mind that food is available to everyone all the time in UBUNTU communities. If something specific is not available in the community, the master teachers or master craftsmen in that sector will obtain it through the Council of Elders, which would be the basic process to obtain anything needed by the community, and create a constant supply for the future. This applies to chefs just like everyone else. Wasting food will be severely frowned upon by all in the community, therefore people will not waste food. Furthermore, there is no need for hoarding food or storing food in large quantities if fresh food of all kinds is available every day. Chefs and cooks who have a passion for cooking and who have been appointed by the community as chefs, will play a key role in the eating habits of the community. The way we eat and prepare food will change dramatically. It is common knowledge that we eat far too much poor food. In Contributionism, people will eat far less, but the nutritional values and enjoyment will increase substantially. Our classic 21st century family units are structured so that the man goes to work, the wife stays at home and cleans and cooks. But because of harsh economic times both parents have to work to keep up with the bills. The end result has been more money, but higher inflation. Now we are stuck where both parents must work in order to survive. This places a major stress on the entire family but especially the women if they are expected to come home after a long day at work and prepare a delicious meal for the family. Many women who are caught up in this situation are not necessarily good cooks and by the time they come home from work tired, frustrated, stressed and expected to cook a delicious meal, the net result is that the food is not made with love. Those that have studied these finer aspects of science which includes the flow of positive energy, will know that the water we drink and the food we eat holds the thoughts and the energy projected into the water and the food. Dr. William A Tiller, has done massive amount of work in this field with startling results and I highly recommend that you find his papers on the internet for a thrilling education on thought projection and the effects on water. For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call physical reality. Our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today’s world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. We humans are much more than we think we are and Psychoenergetic Science continues to expand the proof of it.” William A. Tiller, Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus Stanford University) Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan is probably the leading expert in capturing the images of projected thoughts of people into water and the effect it has on the water. His many books and spectacular photographs of such experiments have opened up a whole new area of scientific study into water, how it responds to the environment and its profound influence on life as we know it. His work shows how the crystalline structure of water changes from beautiful geometric shapes, known as structured water, that sparkle when exposed to loving and positive words and thoughts, to dirty globules of unstructured water when exposed to words and thoughts of hate and violence. Experiments with such unstructured water have shown, that not only does it not nourish plants but in some instances, the plants actually die when watered by such specimens. The spectacular photographs of structured frozen water crystals that Dr. Emoto has become famous for, indicate its alignment with sacred geometry. While in Cape Town, South Africa, Dr Emoto visited the UBUNTU Healing Centre created by Ian and Dawn Macfarlane, where he performed one of his experiments at the sacred UBUNTU Tree in the courtyard. He tested the effect of the word UBUNTU on the structure of water. The result was astounding, producing a perfectly symmetrical crystal, which became the symbol of the healing centre. This was the first time ever that Dr. Emoto donated his special crystal photograph to any organisation, with the condition, that they would use its energy to imprint healing projects for all sentient beings in Africa and beyond. The shape created by water when exposed to the word UBUNTU is a beautiful hexagon crystal with a simple hexagon and circle at its centre. This is what Dr. Emoto has to say about this spectacular image. A beautiful circle appeared inside the crystal. I believe this circle is UBUNTU itself. It signifies that everything is in perfect harmony. Only when everything is in harmony and accord, all the beings will attain true happiness.” Ref: Dr. Masaru Emoto. According to Plato the number of a circle is six. A hexagon is associated with a circle because there are six sides to a hexagon and when you extend each corner into the centre of the circle, it forms six equilateral triangles. This ratio is unique to the relationship between a circle and a hexagon. In sacred geometry the equilateral triangles arguably represent the fundamental structure for matter in the physical form. This is where architects took their lead from, using triangles or tetrahedrons, when constructing towers or bridges that need to be really strong. Plato also said that six is a perfect number and the circle is a perfect shape. The fact that UBUNTU is represented by the perfect number and the perfect shape encoded in structured water, that gives life in abundance, is telling us that UBUNTU is the perfect system of abundance for humanity to thrive. This may be a phenomenal coincidence or simply just an indication of how everything is connected. If we know where to look in the perfect creation of the Divine Creator, we will find all the answers. The result is that, if we make food under duress because we have to, while angry or stressed or frustrated, the food will carry that same energy. It will lose much of its nutrition and could even make us sick. This is the fate of much of the world today. Millions of people in urban areas have resorted to eating junk foods and take-out food that is devoid of any nutrition. The bad food we eat is one of the major contributing factors to the declining health in society today.


      UBUNTU communities will not have such problems.


      The food is organically grown


      Using energised water


      People have no stress or anxiety about their jobs or survival


      UBUNTU people love their lives


      When they prepare food they do it with love in their hearts



      Those that cannot cook or simply do not like to cook will never have to cook again because their town will be full of small restaurants and community dining halls run by master chefs who love to cook and prepare the food with love. Restaurants and communal dining halls will become gathering places for the community to meet and interact and be merry. People will not have to cook if they do not have the skills, or if they do not want to. Our entire custom of eating will change dramatically.


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